It’s a jeep thing – we understand. Exhaust systems to beef up your Jeep.

The Jeep Wrangler has a rugged charm that has pretty much gone unchanged since the first Willy’s on the battlefields of WWII – the first off-road 4wd vehicle ever produced. With a winning formula of tough, rugged and almost unbreakable, the Wrangler is the weapon of choice for gnarly tracks and serious off-roaders all around the world. But have you ever wondered to yourself “is it difficult to put a new exhaust system on my 4wd?”

Well, wonder no more because Genie exhaust systems for Jeep Wrangler are a cinch to put on. The fact that Wranglers are like a giant Meccano set and can be stripped and put back together also helps!

Enjoy a significant power increase with our Jeep Wrangler exhaust upgrade

Dyno a Wrangler with a Genie exhaust and chip and you will see that you can get an 18% power increase on your favourite weekend mud machine. In fact, we guarantee that you will get at least a 10% gain over stock exhausts with only our exhaust – even more if you chip it!

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