Custom Mufflers

Genie Performance are Australia’s leading specialists in custom mufflers for an extremely wide variety of applications including:

  • Street vehicles
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Race vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Generators
  • Marine engines
  • Mining vehicles and plant

Internal design configurations

Megaflow – this straight through design is the least restrictive and also usually the loudest.
Y-Pipe – a version of the megaflow featuring a 2-into-1 design that merges the gases efficiently.
X-Pipe – this as a twin megaflow with a crossover system within the muffler. The x-design crossover works to accelerate the gases.
Chambered – gives a deeper note and is not as loud as a megaflow.
Baffled – this creates back-pressure and is most efficient at silencing.
Plug & Plate – used for industrial mufflers and forklifts where excessive heat is an issue.
Twin systems – can use any of the above internal designs.

Materials – Various grades of stainless or mild steel cases to suit your needs and budget.
Noise restrictions – designs to suit even the strictest noise control standards.
Extreme power – internal designs and materials to handle extreme gas velocities.
Extreme conditions – fully rust resistant internal materials suitable for commercial marine applications.

Quote request
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Genie cater for specialist custom muffler requests including:

  • Industrial Mufflers
  • Heavy duty needs
  • Improved design options
  • Noise-controlled environments
  • Strict emissions environments
  • Extreme durability
  • Quick turnaround keeping you on the road/sea
  • Unusual features
  • Built to your specifications
  • Unusual sizes