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Click here to register your Genie Performance Exhaust Warranty to be covered by the full 5 years warranty offered in the Genie 5-Star Guarantee . Your online registration must be completed within 30 days of the product purchase to receive the full 5-Star Guarantee.



The 5-Star Guarantee applies to complete exhaust systems manufactured and sold by Genie under the Genie brand and Legendex brand and does not cover exhaust components sold singly or other products sold by Genie.


Note: Some Legendex guarantees extend beyond the Genie 5-Star Guarantee

Dyno Proven Power …
We guarantee our exhaust systems deliver at least a 10% horsepower and torque increase (without adding a chip) over the stock system when measured on a dyno before and after installation of your Genie system – or your money back. Plus, an exhaust and chip combination will produce up to 40% increase depending on the vehicle.

The complete product with a copy of the dyno runs must be returned to Genie within 15 working days of the completed dyno runs prior to any refund. Any refund is limited to the product purchase price only and does not include fitting, labour, freight or any ancillary costs. Any refund of any ancillary costs is solely at the discretion of Genie. The vehicle must have a dyno within 60 days of the product purchase to be valid for any refund.

Easy DIY fit, no hoist needed …
We guarantee our systems fit easy as possible – or your money back. Unlike most other aftermarket systems, you don’t need a workshop hoist to fit our 4WD systems. We’re thinking about our DIY customers when we design our systems.

The complete product must be returned to Genie within 30 days of purchase to be valid for any refund. Any refund is limited to the product purchase price only and does not include fitting, labour, freight or any ancillary costs. Any refund of any ancillary costs is solely at the discretion of Genie.

Genie 5-year won’t break warranty …

Genie offers the industry’s toughest warranty. 3 years limited warranty + 2 years free extended warranty … if it breaks – we replace it.

Genie will replace any Genie component that breaks due to faulty materials or workmanship. We build our systems ultra heavy-duty for Australia’s tough outback conditions. See conditions and exclusions below.

Legendex 10-year won’t break warranty …
Legendex offers an unrivalled 10 year warranty. 5 years limited warranty + 5 years free extended warranty … if it breaks – we replace it.


See the Legendex warranty details here.


The Genie Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions

Genie Performance Exhausts Pty Ltd (hereafter referred to as Genie) warrants this exhaust system against defects in materials and workmanship and any breakage caused as a result of said defects for 3 years(excluding extractors) from the date of original purchase (extended to 5 years with the optional free 2 year extended warranty), while it is owned by the original purchaser and remains installed on the vehicle on which it was originally installed. See details below for conditions and exclusions. 

Special note on Genie Extractors

Genie extractors carry a 2 year warranty and the free extended warranty offer does NOT apply to extractors. This 2 year warranty is the industry standard for extractors. All other exclusions, limitations and warranty details below also apply to extractors – the only difference being the term of the warranty.

Exclusions applying to all Genie products

This warranty shall not apply to any product:

  • Damaged or broken due to improper installation or contrary to Genie’s instructions, product alteration, modification or repaired by anyone other than a Genie approved repair shop.
  • Installed on a vehicle for which it was not designed, or used for a purpose for which it was not designed, or was removed from the vehicle on which it was originally installed and reinstalled on another vehicle.
  • Unable to be fitted because of, or damaged by, any after-market (not original vehicle equipment or parts) part or accessory.
  • Damaged from an accident, collision, act of God, undercarriage impact, whether on-road, off-road, or by debris, or wilful or negligent act.
  • If damaged by backfire or other faulty engine condition.
  • If the vehicle was not properly maintained.
  • If the vehicle was not operated according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Where the product shows evidence of improper tightening of the mounting bolts causing parts to fail, wear or bend.
  • Installed on any racing vehicle or 4WD trials vehicle.
  • Corroded due to exposure to salt or salt water (please refer to the Genie website “409 Stainless FAQ” for best practices for maintaining your stainless exhaust system) or other caustic substances.
  • Installed on a vehicle that has been operated using fuel other than standard petrol or diesel fuels such as LPG, bio-diesel, nitrous, methanol and ethanol.
  • Installed on a vehicle that has engine modifications that significantly alter the normal operating ranges of exhaust velocities, temperatures or pressures.

Limited Warranty
Genie’s liability is expressly limited to the payment of the shipping costs (limited to a reasonable road express freight value within Australia) and the replacement or repair of the product or refund of the purchase price as described herein. Genie shall have no liability for the cost of installation or removal of the defective product or for the cost of labour or any additional parts required to repair the vehicle, complete the installation of the replacement product, or towing or transportation costs. In no event shall Genie be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential losses or damages to any persons, vehicles, property or business other than that which is required by law, including but not limited to interruption of business or loss of business or loss of profit or damage to related components resulting from the use of or inability to use the product, or any breach of warranty or any defect in the product, even if Genie shall have been advised of the possibility of such potential losses or damages.
This warranty is given in addition to consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law and does not exclude them. To the extent permitted by law, all other warranties, conditions, representations, assertions and statements are expressly excluded and are not authorized to be made with respect to the product.

Free 2 Year Warranty Extension (to make a total of 5 years warranty)

Simple steps to get your free warranty extension:
1. Register your warranty online within 30 days of purchase.
2. Keep your Proof Of Purchase document safe.

The 3 years limited warranty period is extended for an additional 2 years (total of 5 years) from the date of original purchase when a valid warranty registration is completed by the customer and received by Genie within 30 days of the product purchase. The warranty extension is offered at no additional charge. A warranty registration must be correctly and fully completed to be valid. Genie reserves the right to deem whether a warranty registration is valid. All conditions and exclusions specified in the 3 Year Limited Warranty also apply to the 2 year extension of the warranty.

By registering for the free extended warranty you agree to receive marketing communications from Genie and related companies in accordance with Australian Privacy law and our Privacy Policy.

This warranty is given by:
Genie Performance Exhausts Pty Ltd.
Unit 2, 29-39 Robart Crt, Narangba, QLD 4504
Telephone: (07) 3203 2333

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Please call us on (07) 3203 2333 if you have any warranty issues.

It is a condition of this warranty (and subject to the exclusions below) that:

  1. The faulty part(s) be returned, freight paid, to the Genie Distributor from whom the defective unit was purchased or to Genie at the address below. Genie distributors are qualified to validate all warranty claims, but Genie reserves the right to inspect all units claimed as defective for validation. In many circumstances photographs of the faulty product may suffice (instead of returning the part). In those cases you will be asked to supply and email photographs of the faulty part. Genie reserve the right to determine at any time whether photographs are sufficient for warranty appraisal.
  2. A Genie Warranty Claim Form is presented with each defective unit and that all required information on the Warranty Claim Form has been completed. Warranty Claim Forms can be downloaded by clicking here or directly from Genie or their dealers.
  3. A copy of the Proof of Purchase document is attached to the Warranty Claim Form. The Proof of Purchase must clearly show the place of purchase, product purchased, price and date of purchase. If the products has been registered on the Genie Website within 30 days or purchase then no further proof of purchase is required.

If, upon inspection by Genie, the product is found to be defective in material or workmanship Genie shall reimburse the owner for shipping the product to Genie (if applicable and limited to a reasonable road express freight value) and, at Genie?s option, exchange the product for new product with the same part number, repair the product, or refund the original purchase price.