Rating is Stars out of 5 (1 = poor, 5=excellent).

 ***** 5 stars “Well the berserker has been on for a month and I’m a teenager all over again. It’s not excessively noisy at all, even when I give a s**t (which I find myself doing more so now) and I would thoroughly recommend this system to anyone who wants a mild sounding V8 rumble with a decent roar when wanted. I have done 6000km including a trip to Alice Springs for the Finke desert race where I cruised on 140-160km/h and loved the deep rumble.” Jeff K. NT SET200-4LEX-B (Legendex berserker) Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser 4.5L TD
***** 5 stars “Ok so here’s the verdict. Awesome, one happy customer. Its great on the freeway , nearly silent, exactly what I wanted. Thanks heaps for fixing this headache. Cheers, Ant.– The headache Ant refers to was a ‘custom’ installation by an Ipswich 4wd exhaust shop. – Genie Ant B. QLD SET200-1MR  Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser 4.7L Petrol
***** 5 stars “Well constructed and designed system. Easy to fit. Has really freed up the engine and made it a lot more responsive. Has a really good sound, much deeper but not over the top. Thanks.” James B. NSW SETHIKZ-1m  Toyota Hilux 3L TD 2004
***** 5 stars “Excellent! Easy to install and gives the 76 a nice note.” Brett B WA SET76-1CM  Toyota 76 Series Landcruiser 4.5L TD 2014
***** 5 stars “GREAT” Mark S. QLD SET79-1CM-LEX Toyota 79 Series 4.5L TD Ute 2014
***** 5 stars “Hey guys  Thanks to Richard and Barney for your help over the phone in choosing the system to fit my needs [its perfect]. I fitted the complete exhaust from dump pipes to tail pipe with out a hitch every section fitted perfect every hanger every bolt hole was spot on. Thanks again great service.” Ty R. NSW SET200-3MR Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser 4.5L TD 2012
***** 5 stars “Very well made system. Got a bit more umph now. Going to get a chip put on in new year. The gasket for turbo dump pipe was not in my kit , no big deal cost ten bucks. I am a happy camper.” – Note: All gaskets are supplied EXCEPT the turbo gasket – the stock turbo gasket is a multi-layer steel gasket and is fine to be re-used. This is standard after-market exhaust industry practice. – Genie Tim B. QLD SETHI3-1-LEX Toyota Hilux 3L TD 2007
***** 5 stars ” Best thing since sliced bread.” Alex S. QLD SET76-1M-LEX Toyota 76 Series 4.5L TD 2010
***** 5 stars ” Excellent note with quality bends and welds.” Justin S. QLD SET-HI3-1mc Toyota Hilux 3L TD 2013
***** 5 stars ” Awesome product and service. Highly recommend Genie Performance “ Glenn M. WA SET-GU-2mc Nissan GU Patrol 3l Wagon 2008
**** 4 stars “Excellent product, great fit, easy to install.” David G. VIC SET-200-4mc Toyota 200 series 4.5L TD 2011
***** 5 stars “Once we worked out the correct system for my Nissan Navara D40 all good. It took a couple of weeks to get it sorted.” – In certain years Nissan used a variety of manifolds and turbos in their D40 production runs resulting in unpredictable turbo outlet locations. Very frustrating but we have finally worked out how to tell who’s got what – Genie Scott F. VIC SET-D40-1 Nissan D40 Navara 2011 2.5L Ute
***** 5 stars “Great thank you” Deon O. QLD SET-GU-1B Nissan GU Patrol 4.2L TD Wagon 2000
not rated “Hi people – just had my Great Wall v200 chipped and installed your exhaust system the result exactly what you said. Dyno 103.82 kw goes like a rocket almost 0 turbo lag extremely happy haven’t told wife how much it cost. “ Steve S. NSW SET-GW-1 Great Wall X200
***** 5 stars  “Great fit, great sound. Only 1 improvement would be to make the hanger diameter a bit bigger to match the Toyota size.” – Thanks Damian – we listened and we’ve done that. – Genie Damian S. NSW SET-200-4mc Toyota 200 series 2010 4.5L TD
***** 5 stars “Great product, great customer service and the quality is great.” Bevan K. VIC SET-H1KZ-1 Toyota Hilux 2002 3L TD
***** 5 stars “Thanks Barney for the new exhaust on my 200 Series Landcruiser – It now sounds like a V8. It has greatly improved performance and has also reduced the amount lag at take off. I cant wait to chip it as well! Cheers “ Jason G. WA SET-200-4 Toyota Landcruiser 2011 4.5lt Diesel Wagon
not rated “Picked up and installed my exhaust yesterday. The build quality is excellent, all mounts line up perfectly and it all tucked up nice and tight. I got the high flow cat and muffler so the increase in noise over standard is very little, just a bit of turbo whistle now. Has definitely gained some extra power and better throttle response but haven’t had time to test too much yet, hopefully will see better economy too. Overall very happy with the exhaust, only took about 3 1/2 hours to remove old exhaust and install new one. Also the guys at genie were great to deal with, great service!” Josh W. SA SET-GU-2Nissan Patrol 3L GU Wagon
 ***** 5 Stars “Well made, very easy to fit, everything lined up as it should. Sounds great, no droning and a nice performance increase. No complaints and would definitely recommend.” David W. NSW SET-PRA-1Toyota Prado 150
 ***** 5 Stars “The 3″ exhaust was well packed when received. It’s easy to install and came with all fitting items and instructions. It performed well and gave better performance when tested with before and after tests on large hill test run.” Rob B. VIC SET-GU-1Nissan Patrol4.2L GU Wagon
***** 5 Stars “Great Exhaust, fitted up perfectly with factory mounts so was very easy to DIY install. Has made noticeable difference to bottom end and have less turbo lag on take off.” Tim T. SA SET-GU-2Nissan Patrol 3L GU Wagon
***** 5 stars “Excellent” Paull C. QLD SET-79-1 Toyota Landcruiser 79 series 4.5 TD
**** 4 stars “Looks Good” Jason P. SA SET-D40-5 Nissan Navara D40 2.5 TD
Not rated “We tow a camper trailer quite a bit and have now fitted a 3″ Genie exhaust and Tune-It chip. It now sits in 5th gear when towing, runs cooler and goes up hills easily. Fuel is now approx. 1L/100km better at 13.8L/100km towing and just under 10L/100km normal driving with 5 people on board. It is now a dream to drive and has gone everywhere we have pointed the bonnet to date.” Bruce QLD SET-PRA-1 Toyota Prado D4D 2006 – 2″ TJM Lift, poly airbags, dual battery, towbar
***** 5 stars “Andrew (installer), did a very good job & I am very happy with the product. Cheers.” Mark S. QLD SET-BT50-1m FORD RANGER 3.0 L TD Ute
***** 5 stars “Hi very happy” Robert C. NSW SET-RAN-1 FORD RANGER 3L TD Ute
***** 5 stars “Great looking, the car has more power” Scott F. QLD SET-GU-4 Nissan Patrol 4.2L Ute
**** 4 stars “First day only, immediate feeling of performance increase, slight vibration noise when under heavy accelleration, so far so good.” Mike H. QLD SET-GU-2 Nissan Patrol Wagon 3L TD
***** 5 stars “Easy to fit and happy with the product” Geoff M. VIC SET-200-4 Toyota 2010 VX VDJ 200 4.5 TD
***** 5 stars “Well made exhaust system. Like the way it has bolted flange joints instead of slip joints. Should be good to work with in the future.” Frank E. QLD SET-80-1 Toyota 80 Series Landcruiser 4.2L TD
***** 5 stars “I am more than happy with my Genie Exhaust & it has improved the performance of my Toyota Landcruiser.” Lindsay S. QLD SET-100-4 Toyota LandcruIser 100 Series 4.2L TD
***** 5 stars “Runs very well” Murray B. WA SET-200-4 Toyota Landcruiser 200 series 4.5L TD
**** 4 stars “It looks good I haven’t had a chance to review it as yet” Zoran R. WA Set-200-4 Toyota Landcruiser 200 series 4.5L TD
**** 4 stars “I haven’t had a chance to review it yet.” Zoran R. WA Set-79-1 Toyota 79 series V8 4.5L TD UTE
***** 5 stars “Very happy with the product and the company that installed same.” Richard_B. QLD Set-79-1 Toyota 79 series LANDCRUISER 2013 4.5 Diesel Ute 2-door
***** 5 stars “Awesome” Nicholas E. QLD SET-COL-4 ISUZU D-MAX 3L TD Ute