The 5-Star Genie Guarantee

It’s a Legend mate … or your money back!


LEGENDEX … 10-year won’t break warranty guaranteed.*

5 years limited warranty plus 5 years free extended warranty on Legendex systems.


GENIE … 5-year won’t break warranty guaranteed.*

3 years limited warranty plus 2 years free extended warranty on Genie systems.


Dyno proven power guaranteed.*

We guarantee our exhaust systems deliver at least a 10% horsepower and torque increase (without adding a chip) over the stock system when measured on a dyno before and after installation of your Genie system or your money back. Plus, an exhaust and chip combination will produce up to 40% increase depending on the vehicle. Refer to the dyno on the relevant product page.


Easy DIY fit, no hoist needed guaranteed*.

We guarantee our systems fit easy as possible or your money back. Unlike most other aftermarket systems, you don’t need a workshop hoist to fit our 4WD systems. ‘ thinking about our DIY customers when we design our systems.


Aussie built tough as guaranteed.

Built practically bullet-proof for Australia’s murderous conditions. Designed and built in Australia with premium exhaust grade 409 stainless tube and mufflers with hand-crafted dumps, superior coatings, heavy duty flanges and quality components ensures Aussie tough durability. If other brands can’t say the same they’re probably made in China.

No other exhaust manufacturer in the world offers a warranty that even comes close!

*Conditions apply. The 5-Star Genie Guarantee applies to complete exhaust systems manufactured and sold by Genie under the Genie and Legendex brands only and does not cover exhaust components sold singly or other products and brands sold by Genie. Refer to Warranty Details for full details.

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