Improved fuel economy, more power and more effective filtering offroad – Unifilter easily makes a big difference.

Dust can quickly reduce airflow through your air filter. A choked filter will have a significant, negative impact on fuel economy, power and engine temperature as the engine has to work harder to produce the required power.

Don’t forget to check your air filter after an off-road trip. Dust build up is gradual, so it’s hard to tell the filter condition without a visual check – but it’s a quick, easy job.

Unifilter is the best…

  • Unifilters are washable – re-using a washable filter gives excellent value and long-life.
  • Unifilters are better off-road. Dust particles in your engine are bad … bulldust is so fine it can penetrate through some filters. Unifilters work better than your stock paper filter and other oiled filters. It’s easy to carry a spare foam outer element on off-road trips – they fold flat and take up no room. Plus, for long trips, you can take the complete service kit of cleaner, bucket and oil.
  • Unifilters are 200% more effective in filtering small dust particles compared with K&N or stock filter – see the comparison test review here.
  • Unifilters work out better value than stock paper filters. It’s paid for itself after only a couple of services because otherwise you would be buying a new stock filter each time.
  • Unifilters are made in Australia.

Click here to read the independent comparison review.



Unifilter 4×4 2-layer filters & cartridge $99

The heavy duty air filter for regular on and off-road use.

  • 2-stage filtration with dust retention level of ~4 microns
  • Corrugated outer stage for increased surface area
  • Improved air flow, torque and economy
  • Fully reusable – quickly and easily serviceable
  • Available as replacement for most stock 4×4 air filters



Unifilter Off-road Combo Pack $149

  • Great value – save around $20 when compared with buying items separately!
  • Contains everything you need to carry out essential air filter maintenance either at home or “out on the track”

uc-combo-kit-v3Packs include:

  • 1 x Unifilter air filter element
  • 2 x Unifilter air filter foam set (1 x spare)
  • 1 x bottle Unifilter “Filter fix” filter oil
  • 1 x bottle Unifilter “Citrus-based Foam Filter Cleaner”
  • 1 x pair servicing gloves
  • 1 x cleaning cloth
  • 1 x servicing bucket



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