Hilux 3L D4D Turbo Diesel 2005-16 Exhaust


SET-HI3-1 Genie 3″ stainless performance exhaust for the Toyota Hilux 3L D4D turbo diesel 4×4 utes.

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Hilux 3L 4x4HILUX 3L D4D TURBO DIESEL UTE 4X4 2005-16

3 inch Mandrel Bent 409 Stainless Performance Exhaust

Hilux 3L D4D TD 4x4 Exhaust

SETHI3-1mc shown.  Actual product may vary from image shown.

Fits Toyota Hilux models: D4D 1KD-FTV 3L Turbo Diesel 4×4 Ute March 2005-16

Bolts on directly to the factory turbo and uses original mount points.




  • More power & torque.
  • Better fuel efficiency.
  • More durable.
  • Easy DIY fit – no hoist needed.
  • Better towing.
  • Better clearances.
  • Better sound.
  • Longer lasting – won’t rust out.


Hilux 3L dyno chip&exhaust

Up to 34% power increase

Dyno shows a 3L Hilux D4D turbo diesel with Genie exhaust and chip. Chipping and re-tuning after fitting your new Genie bolt-on system will maximize your performance results.


  • Dyno proven power – Up to 34% increase in torque and HP.
  • Easy fit DIY bolt-on system using original mounting points. No hoist required.
  • Heavy duty 409 stainless throughout pipe work and muffler internals.
  • Heavy duty flanges and brackets.
  • Longer lasting – won’t rust out like mild steel.
  • All mandrel bends means no constrictions.
  • High flow 3 exhaust system – significantly greater flow volume than stock.
  • Tough sound – deeper and throatier.
  • Increased fuel efficiency.
  • Dump pipe hand crafted in Australia for best turbo outlet flow dynamics.
  • Better towing and long-distance cruising.
  • Designed for off-road high-clearance driving.
  • Gaskets and bolts and pyrometer plug included.
  • High-flow race option available with no muffler.
  • Heavy duty high-flow stainless core diesel catalytic converter with heat shield (optional).
  • Pyro bung and plug 1/4 NPT in dump pipe.


  • Dump pipe
  • Flex pipe (including optional CAT)
  • Muffler pipe
  • Tail pipe
  • Gasket kit including bolts and nuts (and optional pyro plug)
  • Strongest packaging in the industry
  • Fitting instructions

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