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What to do now…


Pay your holding deposit to secure the deal.

Pay your holding deposit of $150 by 5/5/2015 to secure your mates rates deal. Phone 07 3203 2333 to pay your deposit. Once all your mates in the deal have paid their deposit we can calculate the correct discount to give each of you. Each member of your Mates Rates deal must pay a deposit to participate in the deal. You can pay by phone with your credit card or debit card. You can also pay by direct bank transfer. Call us on 07 3203 2333 to organise your payment.

Call 07 3203 2333 to pay your holding deposit




Can we have more than 4 mates in a Mates Rates deal?

Yes, you can have as many mates participating as you like. However the Mates Rates deal is limited to a total savings of $335 per person. That’s $200 discount per person plus their free Unifilter Off-Road Combo Kit.

What if my mate(s) use their own Mates Rates Code (or a different code) from me?

We have no way of knowing who is participating in each Mates Rates deal UNLESS you all use the SAME CODE. Make sure you tell them to use the SAME CODE.

What if you don’t make a Legendex system for my (or my mates) vehicle?

We can custom build a Legendex system for every 4WD for which we currently build a Genie system … if we make it in the Genie range we can make it as a Legendex. Check out our Genie range HERE.

Is the Genie range included in the Mates Rates deal?

Yes, call us to confirm prices. Typically the Mates Rates discount on Genie exhaust systems are: – 4 (or more) mates deal = 12% discount – 3 mates deal = 9% discount – 2 mates deal = 6% discount Check out our Genie range HERE. Note: The free Unifilter Off-road Combo Kits are not included with a Genie product purchase.

How long after paying my deposit do I have to pay the balance?

You have 3 months (until 5/8/2015) to pay the balance for your Legendex system. Product will be shipped once payment is made in full. Deposits are non-refundable but the credit can be used on any purchase from Genie Performance Exhausts. Credit expires after 12 months..

Can we get the Mates Rates deal from our local dealer?

Yes, you can. Tell your local 4wd dealer your Mates Rates Code. Pay your deposit to them and they will organise the rest. IMPORTANT: All your mates must use the same local dealer OR all purchase direct from Genie. You can not mix dealers or direct purchase within a Mates Rates deal.

Can some mates buy direct from Genie & some buy from the local dealer?

All your mates must all use the same local dealer OR all purchase direct from Genie. You can not mix dealers or direct purchase within a Mates Rates deal.






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