Ants in my pants


There I was spraying a huge nest of bull ants the other day (they had plans on evicting us from our home – so it was us or them) and the sneaky sods swarmed out a secret exit behind me. My gumboots were momentary protection, but I was wearing baggy shorts so you can imagine that I had to shake a leg. Furious little buggers!! I don’t think I’ve moved so fast for years.

Well that’s pretty much a metaphor for the feverish activity at Genie getting this new website up and running. I’ve been looking at 3 different computers screens at the same time for weeks (not to mention an ipad and iphone as well) making sure the website works with different browsers and formats. It’s a BIG learning curve!


We’re proud of how it’s looking and it means we can update product information a lot quicker. So I know you won’t sledge us if you find the odd glitch or page still under construction. Anyway words won’t sting as much as those ants! We hope you enjoy browsing here and we a making big plans to step up the level of service to you. We want to be the leaders in the quality of product AND service.